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Things which you want to do at Speyside

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Speyside of Culdearn in Scotland is very popular for its Malt whiskey and it is a place here there are lots of things to do. So, if you have decided on visiting Speyside in Scotland then, you need to be an active visitor there who can enjoy all the features as presented by the Speyside Cairngorm Moray. The places and things of attractions in Speyside are as follow:-

  • You can look around at different distilleries, other forms of attractions, as well as castles. Scotland is famous for its castles and palaces of old princes, princesses, kings and queens. The attractions are specifically Speyside Cooperage in Craigellachie.
  • There are other places of attractions are the Strathspey Steam Railway along with the Logie Steading in Forres. You can take your family to these places and tour it thoroughly. These places are colorful and refreshing and you can enjoy touring it throughout a day.
  • You can also visit the bird watching place called RSPW which is fabulous and you can see lovely chirping birds all around the place. The Loch Garden Osprey observation is very famous for showcasing various types of colorful birds. Tourists from around the world come to visit this place and enjoy the variety of birds.
  • There is a forest in the Rothiemurchus Estate which is best for walks and strolls. You can stroll in the estate and go on long walks in the forest. You can also visit the Falconry Centre which is famous for the various types of falcons and hawks. You can also visit the famous reindeer herd on the mountain of Cairngorm.
  • These places are very beautiful to visit and one full day can be easily spent by going through the areas where you can go through the attractive creations of nature. Rothiemurchus Estate is closer to the areas of the Cairngorm national park. The sanctuary is famous for its exceptional and exclusive landscapes. You can go on touring the sanctuary and also the beautiful landscapes.
  • You can enjoy the outdoor activities in Moray which can be very thrilling and interesting. The landscapes and the ambiance are always welcoming.