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Safety Tips for Kids While Riding Balanced Bikes

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Riding bikes on a bright sunny day, along with the other neighborhood kids is nothing short of an adventure for the children. It gives them the feel of freedom, new experiences and a lot of fun. But for the parents, they should always stay alerted, especially when their kids are out on a bike ride because accidents are always a possibility. Every year more than 300,000 kids are reported to be admitted to the hospital because of bike injuries. Therefore, ensuring the safety of kids during riding should be the first priority for each parent.

One should never forget that bicycles are not toys; it’s a form of vehicle. And therefore, safety rules should always be followed. Follow these simple safety tips to enjoy an accident-free ride.

Safety Tips for Bicycle Riding

Safety precautions start as early as when buying the best balance bike for your child. These balanced bikes are specially designed to provide maximum stabilization and security to your kid while riding. But following the safety rules for your kid is of utmost importance.

Always remember the following safety tips while riding:

  • Wearing A Helmet: Make sure that your child is wearing a well-fitted helmet with well-fastened straps whenever they go out on a bike ride. No matter how much fuss they make about wearing a helmet, don’t forget that it could save your kid’s life. Wearing a helmet reduces the risk of severe head injuries to at least45 percent. And if, your child is a beginner make them wear riding gloves, sneakers and knee and elbow pads for more protection.


  • Be Seen, Be Safe: No matter what time of the day it is, make sure that your kid is wearing bright colored clothes while going out on a bicycle ride. You can go with colors like neon and fluorescent. You can also put reflectors or flashing lights on the front and rear of your child’s bike so that one can see them even from a distance because that reduces the chances of people running into your child.


  • Check Bicycle: Before your kid leaves the premises of your house with his bike, make sure that his bike is in a proper condition to ride. Don’t forget to inspect that all the parts including the brakes are working properly. For extra precaution also check the tyres whether they are properly inflated and even the height of the seat and the handlebars as well.


  • Road Rules: Following the road rules is the most important part while riding a vehicle or in this case a bicycle. It is the duty of the parents to teach the safety rules of the road to their children. It has been seen, that in most of the accident cases, the child was unaware of the road rules. Also, teach them the different hand signals for extra safety. Don’t let your child go out on the streets with his bike, if he is uneducated about the safety rules because it may prove fatal.


By following these simple safety rules, one can avoid tragic accidents. Despite the fact where your kid rides his bike, be it in the backyard or out in the streets, following the safety rules are always mandatory.