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More Travelers are Relying on Singapore’s Changi Airport

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Changi Airport is located in the island city-state of Singapore and it’s a hub for travelers from all over the world. At present, the airport is handling an unprecedented 58.7 million passengers per annum. This is a 2016 stat and shows a lot of growth. In 2015, 5.9 percent fewer people utilized the airport. The busiest day of the year for the airport during 2016 was December 23rd. On this day, over two hundred thousand passengers passed through Changi airport.

Why Is the Airport So Busy?

The increase of traffic through Changi Airport is believed to be linked with a larger number of tourists traveling to Singapore from their homes in China. China is the third-largest “country market” for Singapore. Malaysia is the second-largest and Indonesia takes the top spot. The increase in Chinese traffic at Changi Airport is estimated to be a fifteen percent increase.

During the past year, a range of routes to Oceania, Northeast Asia and Southeast Asia were the driving force behind rapid growth in passenger traffic at the airport. As well, overall landings and takeoffs went up in number by over four percent. In total, there were a little over three hundred and sixty thousand landings and takeoffs during 2016. Overall volume of cargo surged by over six percent. As well, during 2016, Changi became the home to a couple of new airlines. These are Fiji Airway and China’s West Air. Also, two “all cargo” carriers were added at the airport.

Another reason for the increase in traffic, takeoffs and landings is the fact that Singapore Airlines and United Airlines started direct flights to San Francisco from Singapore. As well, a variety of new city links were established at Changi, to destinations such as India, Australia, China, Japan, German and New Zealand.

While the overall economic picture for Singapore has been a bit shaky as of late, the airport’s supervisors anticipate a good 2017! They have noticed a lot of opportunities in markets which are emerging within Eastern Europe and Africa. As well, the airport’s long-haul flights to Western Europe are strengthening the airport’s bottom line.

It’s nice that the airport is experiencing growth and that its principal administrators have shared this information with the public. New tourism initiatives to attract more Chinese visitors are in the works, so it’s safe to say that the airport may continue to welcome more passengers as time goes on. It’s already doing very well!

Have You Visited Changi Airport?

This airport is growing in popularity, due to increased Chinese interest in Singapore tourism. Actually, there are a lot of reasons why Changi Airport is becoming so popular with so many people. If you haven’t visited the airport, you may want to consider doing so in the future.

When you do come to Singapore, you’ll be visiting a scenic and interesting island city-state with a remarkably low crime rate and pleasant climate. Singapore is run by a progressive government and it’s definitely a great place to visit, live, work and play.

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