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Explore the memorial sites of World War I in the Gallipoli Peninsula

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If you are a lover of historical places then you should Visit Gallipoli Peninsula where you can explore the memorial sites of the World War I and get to know about the stories of the fallen heroes.

Due to its rich historical values and various beautiful places, Gallipoli is one of the most popular destinations and this is why thousands of tourist across the globe opt for  Gallipoli tour from Istanbul or trip. In fact due to the various developments in this place for the tourist, the place Gallipoli has become a popular tourist destination, visited by the local as well as the international tourists all round the year.

What to see in Gallpoli tour?

You can explore the battlefields from World War I and visit the memorial sites of the brave and fallen Turkish, Australian and New Zealand soldiers. You get to know about the reckless World War I and the unknown facts about the soldiers who lost their lives. There various popular historical sites that you can cover.

Top tourist stops that you can’t afford to miss

There are a lot of places in your Gallipoli tour packages that you should not miss out, but here a few major tourist spots have been enlisted below for your aid.
ANZAC Cove, The first ANZAC landing place-Ari Burnu, Walk in the ANZAC trenches-Johnston’s Jolly, Brington beach, John Simpson’s Grave-Beach Cemetery,Shrapnel Valley view, Lone Pine Cemetery, Turkish Memorial, Chunuk Bair, The Nek and Walker’s Ridge…
There are a lot of day tours packages as well, for the tourist and when you are traveling under a Gallipoli tour package, usually, the trip comes to an end at six in the evening, and you will be transferred to the city. By 11 pm you will reach Istanbul and you will be dropped off to your hotel accommodation. The entire tour will cost around USD $65.

You can also opt for Gallipoli day tours as well

In fact, it is seen that the Gallipoli day tours are very popular among the tourists due to the amazing historical value of this beautiful place. It is happening because of the fact that the day tour can be covered very quickly and there are a wide number of sites to explore where you can get to know so many unknown facts about the beautiful nation of Turkey. The best part of the day tour is, it costs a lot less than the other tour packages for the customers, so missing out a trip to the destination means you miss out an important historical site of the nation.