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Bus Accidents: What To Do When Being Reckless Is Obvious

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  Every mom out there knows that proper education is an essential tool in developing a young mind. Moms are often on the front lines of taking care of their toddlers in packing sandwiches, putting in allergen free drinks, stain-free shirts, and all those other mommy stuff.

It is also every mom’s shining glory when they see and accompany their kids to the bus on the way to school. Prim and proper, daughters and sons gleefully make their way onto the vehicle. Mothers want to make sure that their kids are safe to reach school on time.

As frightening as it may seem, we have to face the reality that bus accidents can happen. Of course, with proper preparations, these situations can become entirely non-existent. But what if the recklessness of some disregards all of these precautions?

What would happen if a “once” trusted organization is the cause of a potential accident? How can people hold them accountable? Here are some things to look at when considering to file a lawsuit against school districts and bus drivers.


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Negligence in hiring of drivers

School bus drivers are of critical value when it comes to the education and safety of our children. School officials often overlook this fact and carelessly hire drivers that do not meet safety standards. This fact could be due to nepotism (the of favoring relatives) or simply because of the disregard of specific criteria for hiring drivers.

Maintenance failures

Even if qualified drivers do get hired, the poor quality and maintenance of the bus can negate that. Drivers who are careful and diligent can do little or nothing at all when accidents happen. School districts should provide proper attention to the engine works of the bus.

Weather Conditions

Bus drivers should be very observant of future climate conditions. Some drivers, do not slow down or stop somewhere even when the weather is bad. Instead, they speed up. In instances of rain, roads become slippery. If such cases are proven, then the bus driver and school district are to be held responsible.

Railroad Crossing

Similar to that of dangerous weather conditions, negligent bus drivers often beat track warnings. Even if they make it most of the time, accidents can still happen. Parents should not allow such a reckless behavior when transporting their kids to and from school.

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DUI or Driving under the influence is also another reckless thing that careless and unqualified drivers do. Drivers often do drink to keep their system awake or just because it’s their hobby. This situation often does not bode well for their passengers because many things could happen. Alcohol and drugs often cause auditory and visual hallucinations.

Even under the guise of proper medication prescriptions, drivers neglect the fact that being on medication can sometimes make one feel drowsy. They often risk it and drive nevertheless. With this happening, the risk of an accident apparently increases.


Whenever accidents do occur, parents should look at the mentioned signs above in case they proceed to file lawsuits against school districts and bus drivers. The school and its drivers are responsible for the safety and education of our children. Services short of satisfactory are unacceptable and is the basis for a potential lawsuit.

In case that gross negligence is clearly evident, do not be afraid of approaching a lawyer to know the proper steps of filing a case against the concerned organization or individual. As with other accidents, proper documentation of evidence is a must.

Safekeeping of receipts, hospital bills, and other expenses caused by the accident should also become a priority. These preemptive steps are vital in securing the just and proper compensation that is due to the victim and their families.