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A Quick Guide to Visiting Turks & Caicos for the First Time

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A relaxing, romantic and luxurious destination, the Turks & Caicos Islands are among the lesser known Caribbean islands, but once you visit them once, you’ll never want to go on holiday anywhere else!

With stretches of quiet sandy beaches and miles of coral reef to explore, Turks & Caicos are a chain of 40 islands, with the majority of the resorts and hotels found on the main island of Providenciales.

Here’s a quick guide to the islands for the first time visitor.

Where to Stay

Like many other Caribbean islands, Turks & Caicos are packed with great resorts, whether you’re after the all-inclusive experience or a nice little boutique hotel.

Thankfully, there’s also something catering for every budget, making a Caribbean island holiday a bit more affordable than you might have thought.

Be sure to check that your resort is family-friendly before booking if you’re travelling with children, as some operate a strict over-18s policy!

In terms of location, there really isn’t a bad place to choose on the island, as it’s only a few miles wide, meaning that wherever you stay, you’ll be almost guaranteed great views over the ocean.

Our recommendation would be the Beach House resort or Blue Haven resort, two boutique resorts situated on the shores of the gorgeous Grace Bay beach.

Where to Eat

The food in Turks & Caicos can be a touch more expensive than you would be used to at home, but it’s absolutely worth it, with some fantastic restaurants serving up both local and worldwide cuisine.

There’s something for everyone, from the Tiki Hut at Turtle Cove Marina, with a budget friendly and relaxed atmosphere, to the fine dining Coco Bistro, a food lover’s heaven set amongst a beautiful palm grove.

The number one local delicacy is the conch, which the islands are one of the world’s biggest exporters of, and it features in many local dishes such as cracked conch and conch fritters.

What to Do

If you somehow manage to get bored of sitting around on the beach all day in the sun, there’s plenty of things to see and do on the islands.

As mentioned, the humble conch is intrinsically linked to the islands’ history and culture, and one of the most unique attractions is the Caicos Conch Farm, where you can see how the conches are grown and harvested as well as learn the fascinating story of how the farm came about in the first place.

There’s also plenty of dive spots if you’d like to scuba dive or snorkel, where you can explore the coral reef that surrounds the islands and discover the many marine creatures that call it home.

It’s also very easy to take a day trip out to the surrounding islands, many of which have been completely untouched by civilisation, giving them a beautifully peaceful atmosphere.

So whether you’re travelling for a family getaway, a party in an island paradise, or perhaps a honeymoon, the Turks & Caicos Islands are a unique, relaxing and luxurious destination worth considering if you’re planning a once in a lifetime trip to the Caribbean.