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6 Steps in Wine Tasting

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Consuming wine is actually quite different from drinking other beverages like soda or for that matter fruit juice. It is also true that wine can be drunk or even swallowed without being so detailed. However, slowing down the consumption and appreciating the wine calls for a different experience. The Winery tour Languedoc is the best place to taste wine if you haven’t already.

Here are 6 steps in the wine tasting process.


The first step is to observe. Fill in the wine glass to about ¼ full. Hold at approximately 45 degree angle against white background (like the table-cloth), look into the glass to clearly observe the wine and its rich color. You can go on and describe the color in your words.


The next step is swirling. You can swirl just by placing the glass flat on your table. Hold the base and swiftly turn it in a kind of circular motion for about 3 to 5 times. When you swirl the wine, it usually spreads on the surface of the glass and thereby releases the aromas. Spend some time smelling the aroma.

Sniff It

Sniff it. Now you can put your nose into the glass and sniff the wine. Relax and let your imagination take you to a completely new zone. By smelling the wine, you are actually fine-tuning your mind for the future tasting. The smell of the wine will be registered in your mind for ever, so spend a lot of time for sniffing wine.

Sip It

Try out a sip. You can now move the wine slowly into your mouth. Relax and breathe as gently as you can as you start sipping in the aromas to the mouth and the nasal passages into the back of your throat. It is generally said that tasting wine is 60% aroma and 40% tasting.

Swish the wine in your mouth. It will actually expose to various types of taste buds that are actually found on the tongue. The sweetness is easily detected at the tip of the tongue; the saltiness is generally detected a little later. Slowly sip the wine and experience it.


The last step is to consume the wine and enjoy every bit of it. Slowly drink the wine and enjoy it to the fullest. Always make sure that you do not overdrink. Be in your limits as too much is always too bad.

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