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4 Ways in Which Beach Holidays Lower Your Stress Levels for the Long Term

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A holiday at the beach, even when it may feel it is too short, can have lasting effects on your health. It’s been observed that spending time outside where the waves kiss the shore can lower your stress levels and keep them low for a good while. Here’s how.

The benefits of walking on sand

Ever wondered why walking barefoot on sand is so pleasurable? First of all, it makes more muscles move and requires more effort on your side, which does good to your mind, too. Secondly, it stimulates all those nerve endings in your feet. This has a deeply relaxing effect, it’s like the best massage you can get, especially when the sand is warm under your feet.

The effects of the waves

It’s not all about listening to the soothing cadence of the waves washing the shore. It’s also about how it feels when you’re in the water. It’s better than being in a pool, because the waves massage your body. Even if you cannot swim, you should bathe in the sea and let it caress you. It is known as a form of therapy.

Mineral richness

The sea water is rich in minerals. It’s good for making your skin look smoother and healthier. Besides that, the minerals absorbed through the skin can make you feel better. Magnesium for example penetrates the skin and lifts your mood. It is absolutely essential to feeling good and relaxing. If you are curious about finding the best waters to bathe in, you can learn all about the top destinations at Beach Spot Online.

Producing the feel-good vitamin

Being at the beach naturally means spending a lot of time in the sun. When you get enough sun exposure, your body starts producing Vitamin D, which helps you feel at ease and forget about the stress. It is a well known antidepressant. The even better news is that the human body can store Vitamin D so you’ll have it for the long term.

Don’t waste any more time – spend your next holiday on the sea shore and watch the negative impact of chrinic stress diminish.