Ride share drivers love the flexibility of their job; they can schedule to work whenever they want to and get paid accordingly.

When you’re visiting someplace new, the more that you know about your destination – the better.

The first pilot project by the then young – and today highly respected – firm of Jensen & Skodvin Architects (JSA) was completed in western Norway in 1997.

Of course, when I get to the destination — any destination — all of that second-guessing melts away and I have the time of my life.

travel wheels luggage
There's a whole other world to your gear than meets the eye. Generally, sacks have begun to think for themselves.

Tripstir is another application that helps you impart venture arranges and tips to your companions.

The cleanest village in Asia
What's more, for India, that is truly saying something.

create a stunning Travel Journal
If you want to have something stunning for your journal, then you need to start with a stunning layout.

Android applications for travel
If you have an Android phone and the need for the journey button becomes increasingly higher, it would be bad to do with profit. Here are the 10 best applications ...

Tim Cook is traveling: Once again, he visited Beijing, where he met the President of the new Apple Partners and uber-rivals Didi Chuxing. Following the Apple CEO travels to India ...

5 Useful Gadgets and Apps Every Travel
There’s nothing as amazing as a backpacking trip and there’s practically nothing as stressful as packing for one. But, as they say, “bring twice as much money as you think ...

apple watch 2
According to White’s sources, the Apple Watch 2 is going to launch this summer at WWDC rather than in September with the iPhone.

Real Time Facts For Travelers
Real Time Travel Data interactive page designed by is an informative website where travelers like you can view facts and data from different places and items related to travel.

Microsoft Band 2
Microsoft is bringing in some friendly competition to the Microsoft Band 2 and original Band with the help of Facebook.

android wear
Back in August 2014 — just a couple months after the first Android Wear smartwatches became available — I first took a look at using a smartwatch as a boarding ...

1. hotels full and high accommodation rates. “2016 will bring the highest occupancy rate of hotels and room prices highest ever have,” says Professor Bjorn Hanson of New York University. ...

A Mexican official said Friday that Canadian pop star Justin Bieber and his entourage were asked to leave the Mayan archaeological site of Tulum after he apparently tried to climb ...

The sun rose after the old buildings in the center and blue sky unreal makes me smile. The smoke house chimneys, pigeons and gulls circling balconies and silence inspires me ...

During the stay in the Dominican Republic we chose to go in two trips: Saona Island and Buggy Trip. Prices are negotiable. In fact everything is negotiable in the Dominican ...

Europe’s financial capital seemed a quiet town with many cyclists and people dressed in suits . I perceived the Frankfurt- New York as a German , I think I was ...

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