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Your smartwatch still sucks as a boarding pass

Back in August 2014 — just a couple months after the first Android Wear smartwatches became available — I first took a look at using a smartwatch as a boarding pass. “Anything but first class” was the headline. A year and a half later, has anything actually changed?

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6 smart Predictions about TRAVEL in 2016

1. hotels full and high accommodation rates. "2016 will bring the highest occupancy rate of hotels and room prices highest ever have," says Professor Bjorn Hanson of New York University. The explanation is that demand for places will be high. Also, according to the specialist, hotels will have higher taxes and surcharges. "Try to check in ...

Beyond time @ Hotel Venezia

The sun rose after the old buildings in the center and blue sky unreal makes me smile. The smoke house chimneys, pigeons and gulls circling balconies and silence inspires me and causes me to dream as high. It's 8 am on the first day of 2016. Everything is enveloped in a bright silence in a ...